Whiteboard Meets WFH

When you can't be in a conference room with your customers, a work-from-home whiteboard video is the next best thing. See how we helped NetApp’s AI experts turn their slideware into sensational whiteboard videos.

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Here's a look at just a few of the things we've been up to lately.

Good Eggs brings farm-to-table online, giving customers access to fresh, local groceries with the ease-of-use of an app. See how Mode helps Good Eggs be more efficient with increased accountability while also cutting costs.

Mode | Good Eggs

The European Space Agency is helping scientists do crazy space science, like landing a rocket on a comet hurtling through space. Ready how NetApp helps ESA fuel space exploration with a galactic-scale storage solution.

NetApp | European Space Agency

As a Fortune 500 company, NetApp faces many of the same IT challenges as its customers. Lucky for them, they have access to the best cloud-led, data-centric software in the industry—their own. In this story, NetApp Engineering uses its own Spot by NetApp product to cut costs by 60% and bring new, leading features to market faster.

NetApp | NetApp Engineering
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Technical content needs good storytelling. We can help.

NetApp White Paper

Storage upgrades are never fun. But NetApp makes them easier. This white paper explains how NetApp IT minimized risk and disruption for its own large-scale storage upgrade.

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NetApp Solution Brief

Everybody and their dog is talking about AI these days. NetApp is a leader in data management for AI, and they partner with NVIDIA to do it better than anybody else. This solution brief focuses on NetApp’s AI solution built specifically for data scientists: ONTAP AI.

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NetApp Video Surveillance 

NetApp has been helping customers use their storage to power advanced video surveillance systems for decades. We worked with the NetApp team to explain the advantages of NetApp’s video surveillance storage solution.

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AI in Automotive eBook

Making smart vehicles requires smart storage. This eBook explores how AI is being used to reinvent the automotive industry—and how NetApp and NVIDIA provide the smarts to make it happen.

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Content Marketing

Go ahead, be a know-it-all. We go deep to learn what your customers care most about.

Optimize SAP in the Cloud eBook

Enterprise applications don’t always run the same in the cloud as they do on premises. This eBook is a guide to deploying SAP in the cloud and getting it right.

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How Casinos Are Gambling with their Video Surveillance Storage

In this blog, we explain the value of enterprise-grade storage to casino video security. NetApp uses innovative storage software to make it easier and more cost-effective for casinos to leverage next-gen video surveillance.

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